Physical Rehabilitation

Canine Physical Rehabilitation with with Becky Wroblewski, CVT, CVMRT 

We offer canine physical rehabilitation programs to increase strength, mobility, and circulation which help decrease pain, and improve the quality of life for your canine companion.  This is accomplished with exercises, electrical stimulation, and a customized fitness and conditioning plan for your dog. We are excited to offer hydrotherapy featuring the Ferno Aquapaws Underwater Treadmill and laser therapy featuring Companion Animal Health's CTX laser.

Advances in veterinary medicine have been phenomenal in the last 20 years - one of which is canine Physical Rehabilitation. Our cherished canine friends have benefited greatly. Research indicates that loss of muscle mass begins within 24 hours of surgery or serious injury. An increase in swelling, loss of muscle control, and stiffening of joints occur when rehabilitation is delayed. Physical Rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery from orthopedic surgery or serious injury. 


  • orthopedic cases such as cruciate injuries and fracture repairs 
  • dogs that suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia 
  • older dogs with decreased mobility 
  • neurological conditions 
  • overweight dogs 
  • dogs that are experiencing gait changes 
  • performance problems 
  • field/agility/working dogs that need conditioning 

***Rehabilitation treatment programs are under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Each treatments program is tailored to meet each animal's specific needs. Referrals are welcome!   Please call to set up an appointment.  (608) 269-8234

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